411Fit Accountability for the Holidays

By Briana Boehmer

In the coming weeks you will be hearing news stories, reading articles and watching commercials keying off the holiday season. One of the most talked about holiday topics? – Food and Weight. It seems like you can’t talk about one without hearing a reference to the other. 411Fit has a challenge for you this holiday season…use this time of festivities and food to learn one of the key components to successful weight loss and health – ACCOUNTABILITY.

In the purest form of the word, accountability evokes a feeling of responsibility. Whether the responsibility comes from an outside source or from you, responsibility is a powerful thing. It is my belief that we don’t arrive at any success in our life without the help of at least one other person. The people who surround us both influence and often times support our endeavors and biggest dreams. Hence, why would we not seek support in one form or another when we are looking to make changes in our health?

Let’s start simple. Try one or all of the three suggestions below to add a little accountability before the New Year rolls around:

  • Accountability from a friend or family member Tell someone what you are trying to achieve and ask them to check in on you regularly! Sometimes this can be done more formally with a trainer or a coach, but don’t underestimate the power of friends and family. Tell your accountability partner your weaknesses and devise a plan to attack them. Maybe you need a daily text message with encouragement? OR maybe you need them to meet you for a workout on Friday when you tend to skip it?
  • Accountability from technology I am a little biased, but I love the accountability that tools like 411Fit can provide you. Not only does our site educate you on your personal goals with our grade tracker, it provides a robust social network for you to engage with like-minded individuals, friends, and experts. Our technology is so customized that even your nutrition labels detail the nutrient breakdown for YOUR specific needs and goals that YOU told the system!
  • Accountability from YOU! Sometimes you just need to give yourself a swift kick in the pants. Write down your goals and read them often. You can be your harshest critic and biggest fan. Use the power of your own determination and don’t give yourself outs when you know you should be sticking to plan.

In the coming weeks, take baby steps to try and fill your life with more accountability. If you do, we bet you won’t have a need for New Year’s resolutions in the traditional fashion…that tried and true goal of losing weight needs its own kick in the pants!

Ready to Get Fit? Sign up today! www.411fit.com

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