Salus Wisconsin Corporate Championship a Huge Success!

411Fit was a proud sponsor of Wisconsin’s FIRST EVER corporate run/walk wellness event and competition. More than 640 runners and walkers representing 50 Wisconsin businesses participated in the race. As the race director I was beyond pleased with the turnout and forever grateful for the support 411Fit offered to our inaugural event.

GE Healthcare workers swept the men’s, women’s and coed divisions of the event that started and ended at the Harley-Davidson Museum in downtown Milwaukee. David Wheeler, running for his GE corporate team, won the 5K race in 16 minutes, 15 seconds. His teammate and co-worker, Joe Herington, was just 11 seconds behind. Allison Arndt representing Bucyrus International won the women’s division in 18:48.

GE also had the largest team, with 81 runners at the start line. I send a huge congrats to Igor Stevic from GE for assembling an outstanding group of runners. Harley-Davidson came in second with 62 runners and walkers on race day.

We had a special award for the companies who could engage the highest percentage of their workforce. Honors for the highest percentage of workforce participation went to Synergy Strategic Fitness in the small company category, Willis of Wisconsin in medium and Strattec in large. Each company, along with GE, will receive 5 months of 411Fit’s program management functionality to assist in running an in house wellness program. Congrats!

We saw some great competition and camaraderie that made the event truly special. It was fun to see companies with their team logos on their shirt and on banners along the finish line. It created a real sense of community and I feel this event will be a great piece companies can add to their wellness initiatives.

411Fit was proud to help facilitate such an awesome opportunity for companies to grow their wellness muscles!

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411Fit is Proud to Sponsor the Inaugural Salus Wisconsin Corporate Championship Run/Walk

411Fit feels a strong sense of commitment to promoting and enhancing wellness within the corporate community. That commitment is why 411Fit is proud to be a GOLD sponsor of Wisconsin’s first ever Corporate Championship run/walk event.

The Wisconsin Corporate Championship is the project of Salus Inc., a local corporate wellness provider that uses 411Fit to better serve their clients. The event is designed to promote employee health and wellness by creating an event that provides competition and camaraderie along with wellness education and resources. What better a way to join efforts than promoting an event that brings wellness full circle!

Salus Wisconsin Corporate Championship – a unique spin on a corporate race

The event is a team competition in the most pure sense. Individuals must sign up under their company and compete as team. Awards are naturally presented to the fastest finishers for team categories – Female, Male, and Mixed; the fastest overall male and female; and the fastest “C” level employee. However in the spirit of the event, the largest award goes to the company with the highest percentage of its employee population participating. This concept places higher value on participation in a wellness initiative than the fastest team.

As companies across the country are concerned about health care costs, there will be a Wellness Expo after the event with various vendors providing opportunities for companies to hear about wellness programs or initiatives that can help them. 411Fit will be on hand educating companies on how their employees can better communicate about their wellness and develop lasting behavior change.

This event will not only highlight Wisconsin businesses that truly value and support the health and well-being of their employees, but it will set a benchmark for such events across the country. 411Fit is proud to be a part of this inaugural event and looks forward to supporting for years to come.

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411Fit – Not Your Typical “Start-up”

On April 1st 2011 411Fit became an official commercial entity, and on that date it assumed the label of “technology start-up”. Now, if the word “start-up” makes you think of two guys in a garage with some great ideas but not much else, then please read on to see how 411Fit differs from your prototypical start-up enterprise.

7 + Years of Development

The 411Fit platform has been under development for over 7 years, the last 4 years of which have been driven by a full-time team of experienced professional developers at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. This is an unusually long period of time for any software application and especially for a technology that has just been commercialized. In that time, 411Fit has gone through many iterations, constantly improving and expanding to grow into the comprehensive, robust and complete solution that we now offer.

30,000 Registered Users

While 411Fit has been a commercial business for a little more than a month, it has been around for much longer than that. Officially going live in April of 2009, 411Fit has over 30,000 registered individuals using the site along with numerous Universities, businesses and organizations. What does this mean? Well, 411Fit may be a new company but it is a mature and tested technology that has been helping users achieve their health and wellness goals – with great success! – for several years already.

A University Spin-off

As a spin-off from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte, 411Fit has been able to benefit from the input of some of the sharpest minds in the areas of nutrition, fitness, wellness, web and database technologies and predictive analytics during its 4 years of development on campus. Furthermore, 411Fit will be leveraging its relationship with the University going forward to make sure that our technology platform stays on the cutting edge of technological solutions in the areas of health and wellness.

In summary, while 411Fit may be a new name in the commercial world of health and wellness, it is based on a tried and tested technology platform that is exceptionally mature and robust. In addition, 411Fit is ideally positioned to take the lead in developing the “next generation” of health and wellness solutions for individuals, corporations, organizations and health professionals.

If you would like to learn more about 411Fit or any of our solutions, please check out the rest of our site or contact us by going to the Contact link in our main navigation.

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