411Fit Halloween Candy Review: What to eat when you just can’t say no

By Briana Boehmer

‘Tis the season of candy, goodies and big family meals. What starts the cascade of holiday festivities, but our childhood favorite…Halloween! Halloween is one of those holidays that regardless of age I have to admit I look forward to. Really, what is cooler than free candy?

So, let’s be honest here. I have often seen the healthiest of healthy people grab a mini snickers from the office Halloween candy bowl. We’ve all most likely done it. I’ll admit it, I am a wellness professional and I eat candy. However, my definition of candy might differ a bit from the norm. When I eat a sweet I try hard to eat ones that in some shape or form have some positive health benefits. However, the office candy bowl may not offer 70% dark chocolate squares. So, if you know you will be tempted, what are the “best” options to choose from? Here are a few of my go to tips as I wade through the candy bowl:

  • Size does not always mean fewer calories. Take a Butterfinger for example. A “fun size” Butterfinger has 100 calories! Compare that to a “fun size” 3 Musketeers that only packs 63 calories.
  • Fruity candy can be deceiving. While it may be “fat free”, it is often filled with a lot of artificial colors and flavors. For the most part there isn’t a way around this unless you can get your hand on some of the more natural or organic candy brands like YummyEarth. In fact, you would be better off with one “fun size” candy bar vs. 5 handfulls of sugary candy. Consider this: Starburst has 204 calories and 4 grams of fat for 10 pieces! AND Starbursts are one of the only fruit candies that actually contain fat!
  • Simple is often a good sign. Take a York Peppermint Pattie for example. One FULL, BIG Pattie is only 140 calories and 2 grams of fat. Compare that to any FULL size candy bar and you usually have the Pattie as your winner! When you look at the ingredients in a York the list is short. Just like we have heard with any food, the less ingredients you see (and hopefully words you understand) often times the better!
  • Specialty versions are often bigger, heftier versions of the original. Take the Reese’s pumpkin vs. the regular Reese’s peanut butter cup. The peanut butter pumpkin is a whopping 170 calories compared to the normal 105 calories of your standard cup. Does it really need to look like a pumpkin to taste good?
  • Try candies that last. A lollipop is always a good choice. Normally lower in calories, you can keep the flavor and enjoyment lasting minutes!

I know how fun Halloween can be for young and old alike, this year try to have your fun and eat your “good” candy too!

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Top 10 Ways People Are Finding Success with 411Fit

By Briana Boehmer

  1. Quick and easy journaling of exercise and nutrition. We have a database of 481,153 USDA, commercial, and packaged foods along with 2,925 exercises, which makes logging what you do effortless.
  2. Learning new ways to eat. The 411Fit Recipe Exchange is a great way to find ideas for your next healthy meal. Search the exchange by nutritional content or ingredient, download the recipe to your own library with the click of a button, and add your comments and ratings for the recipes you use.
  3. Personalized reporting. 411Fit’s Net Calorie Intake report allows you to not only look at your net calories over time but also identifies days where you may be missing nutrition data. 411Fit’s Trend Analysis report lets you look for trends in your data. Plot multiple metrics on the same chart to see how your sleep affects your blood pressure or your sodium intake correlates to your weight measurements or any of a thousand different combinations.
  4. Extensive goal-setting capabilities. Wellness is a personal thing. 411Fit allows you to create goals and programming that helps YOU where YOU are at!
  5. Unique and individualized grading system. 411fit’s grading system provides users with immediate feedback on the impact of the choices they make with each and every piece of information entered. Users can see the progress that they are making long before the scale ever moves.
  6. 411Fit’s “What If?” analysis. This fantastic report allows you to hypothesize what you could have done differently to get closer to your personal goals. Try switching out food items, changing servings consumed or adding new foods to see how your grade would have changed.
  7. Mobile access. 411Fit’s mobile site lets you stay on track and in check when you are on the go. You are at your favorite restaurant but can’t decide whether to go for the salad or the sandwich. Thanks to 411Fit’s extensive database and our innovative “What If” feature, you can see the impact of either food selection on your nutrition grade – right there as you are standing inline waiting to order.
  8. Weight loss success tools. 54, 526 pounds have been lost on the 411Fit system!
  9. Access to experts…ANYTIME! Besides what you learn from just using 411Fit on a regular basis, we also provide access to experts in the areas of nutrition, exercise and general health. Read blogs written by our experts on topics that are pertinent to the sorts of challenges that you face daily, or contact them directly with specific questions via our “Ask An Expert” forum.
  10. A supportive community. Using 411Fit’s extensive social networking features, you can create your own support group of family and friends to encourage you along the way. With our vast array of community features – groups, blogs, forums, challenges, recipe exchanges and polls – you will never run out of new things to keep you engaged and invigorated. Compared to lone individuals, members who have social ties – whether in-site friend relationships or group membership – enjoy a 600% increase in weight loss and an extended commitment to return to the site!

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Dublin, OH Selects 411Fit To Power Community Program

The City of Dublin, Ohio faced a considerable challenge. They needed to be able to manage, and monitor the progress of, a diverse community wellness program – “Healthy Dublin” – while engaging a wide variety of different community organizations, corporations and individuals.

Healthy Dublin LogoThe goal of the “Healthy Dublin” program is to provide those who live and work in Dublin with the tools, resources and support necessary to improve their overall health and well-being. The innovative program provides participants with free health screenings, wellness seminars, local events and community resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

After an extensive search for a solution that provided the capacity, flexibility and ease of use that they needed, the City of Dublin selected 411Fit to power their wellness program.

“What makes Healthy Dublin unique from other fitness programs is our interactive website developed through the 411Fit software, which allows participants to enter their health information and determine an activity program tailored to their needs and interests,” said Matt Earman, Director of Recreation Services.

Through the website participants can set health and nutrition goals, track their progress, network with other community members and take part in a variety of community activities, events and challenges.

“Our goal is to not only help individuals succeed in achieving their health goals, but to make the entire Dublin community healthier each year,” said Earman. “Through the Healthy Dublin initiative, we hope to foster a culture of wellness, making our community’s health and well-being a key component for a vibrant Dublin.”

411Fit is an ideal partner for the City of Dublin. “411Fit was developed carefully over 7 years at the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) to leverage a web based “platform” in bringing together individual fitness, wellness program management, wellness coaching management, social networking and analytics, all on a robust reliable software platform” said Terry Montgomery, President/CEO. “The breadth, flexibility and customizability of the 411Fit platform are a perfect fit for a program as inclusive as Healthy Dublin. 411Fit’s ability to manage multiple programs across multiple locations while providing real time visibility of results is a key feature of the software” Montgomery added.

411Fit, LLC is a “spinout” from the University of North Carolina Charlotte that provides “next generation” web based capabilities for health professionals responsible for managing the wellness of individuals, corporations and communities. The 411Fit team is based in Charlotte, NC and Madison, WI and serves clients nationally.

If you are in need of assistance with your community or corporate wellness program, please contact us to learn more about how 411Fit can help.

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