411Fit Soon to Release New Coaching Technology

Making a Deeper Connection + Real time feedback = Real time progress

As a company committed to helping individuals and corporations reach their health and wellness goals, we are constantly analyzing what works and what doesn’t in personal training software, online nutrition journals and corporate wellness. It is very hard for individuals to discern what is best when it comes to better health – especially with all of the medical, fitness and diet related information in the media today. That is where the health and wellness professional comes in. Whether advice is sought from a coach, personal trainer, nurse, or doctor, people are looking for someone to decipher the code.

411Fit has found the biggest obstacles in getting the information an individual needs to make the right decisions are:

  • Proper access to health professionals.
  • Proper feedback as it relates to their own personal issues.

This is where the 411Fit coaching dashboard comes in. For the health professional, finding better ways to connect to a client is always needed.  Clients craves feedback and professionals craves meaningful health data. For the first time, 411Fit has created a platform that facilitates both needs seamlessly.

411Fit has created an innovative blend of education, tracking, accountability and reporting that allows health professionals to monitor and provide real-time feedback to  facilitate behavior change and goal progress.

For the Professional:
Using the 411Fit Coaching Dashboard as personal training software, professionals can offer 24-7 personalized service at a fraction of the cost. How do you know how well your client/patient is progressing with their goals?  It is often a combination of many factors, isn’t it? Professionals often manage exercise, diet, disease factors like diabetes, blood pressure, and weight. This new tool allows you to set guidelines, prescribe goals, and run reports to analyze how clients are doing and where they need help.

  • Minimize the number of systems you use for each client by consolidating all of your data into one, comprehensive solution.
  • Motivate anytime, anywhere – The beauty of an integrated, on-line, real time system!
  • Set alerts that fire when a client or patient falls out of acceptable ranges.
  • Have daily and weekly summary reports sent directly to your email for review.
  • Share training tips, exercise plans and nutrition advice – to just one client or to all of your clients.
  • Set goals and track measurements – Be specific about what you want  your client to work on and run reports daily and weekly to monitor their progress. 411Fit’s robust reporting features allow for quick and easy data analysis.
  • Use 411Fit’s proprietary grading system to quickly and easily see when a client or patient is doing well or poorly.
  • Communicate with your clients and share information, awards and motivational notes all with a click of a button.
  • Expand your client base by being able to reach more individuals in less time.
  • Create a library of plans that you can utilize across multiple populations.
  • Build stronger relationships by providing your clients and patients a truly personalized experience.

The concept: Prescribe in real-time and give real-time feedback – a level of interaction only surpassed by one-on-one contact. Using 411Fit’s robust nutrition and exercise tracker, individuals are able to follow guidelines set by their health professional all while their health professional monitors and tracks their progress. Clients feel a sense of confidence knowing you are on top of their health!

The 411Fit Coaching Dashboard will be released January of 2012. Questions? Contact us!

411Fit Provides Full Suite of Services for Wellness Professionals

By Briana Boehmer

When we think about the needs of health professionals in today’s ever-evolving health crisis, we don’t put our hands up in mutiny; we put our heads down and keep creating. The creators of 411Fit are passionate about making a lasting impact on the health of our world. We believe that everyone has the opportunity to live a healthier life with the right knowledge and action. This is where you come in.

Certified Personal Trainers, Health Coaches, Dieticians, Nutritionists, Doctors and other health professionals have a wide range of needs based on their specialties. Our mission is to bridge the gap for ALL health professionals putting effective tools in their pocket and making their job of educating the public easier and more effective.

We know there is still a big disconnect. You want to provide individual and corporate solutions but don’t always have the right tools to do so. 411Fit has worked hard to provide the missing link for ALL wellness professionals. The chart below highlights key aspects of 411Fit’s suite of services along with a comparison to the needs of health professionals.

411Fit is the first web-based application to provide tools to the individual, corporation, and health professional all in one.

  • An individual needs tools to help keep them on track, provide education and motivation, and ultimately see progress with their health and wellness goals.
  • Corporations need viable tools to create a happy and healthy workforce. We spend more time at work than we do anywhere else…if we are well at work that translates to being well in other aspects of our life.
  • Health professionals are our most personalized avenue to understanding and working on our health. At the highest level, health professionals can provide the missing link to reaching one’s desired level of wellness.

Use the chart below to fill out what areas you address with each client/patient. Compare the spaces that are missing with 411Fit’s offering.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

How would your capacity be enhanced if all of those services were available to you in one robust tool? Good news! They are!

Ready to get fit? Visit 411Fit.com.

Top 10 Ways People Are Finding Success with 411Fit

By Briana Boehmer

  1. Quick and easy journaling of exercise and nutrition. We have a database of 481,153 USDA, commercial, and packaged foods along with 2,925 exercises, which makes logging what you do effortless.
  2. Learning new ways to eat. The 411Fit Recipe Exchange is a great way to find ideas for your next healthy meal. Search the exchange by nutritional content or ingredient, download the recipe to your own library with the click of a button, and add your comments and ratings for the recipes you use.
  3. Personalized reporting. 411Fit’s Net Calorie Intake report allows you to not only look at your net calories over time but also identifies days where you may be missing nutrition data. 411Fit’s Trend Analysis report lets you look for trends in your data. Plot multiple metrics on the same chart to see how your sleep affects your blood pressure or your sodium intake correlates to your weight measurements or any of a thousand different combinations.
  4. Extensive goal-setting capabilities. Wellness is a personal thing. 411Fit allows you to create goals and programming that helps YOU where YOU are at!
  5. Unique and individualized grading system. 411fit’s grading system provides users with immediate feedback on the impact of the choices they make with each and every piece of information entered. Users can see the progress that they are making long before the scale ever moves.
  6. 411Fit’s “What If?” analysis. This fantastic report allows you to hypothesize what you could have done differently to get closer to your personal goals. Try switching out food items, changing servings consumed or adding new foods to see how your grade would have changed.
  7. Mobile access. 411Fit’s mobile site lets you stay on track and in check when you are on the go. You are at your favorite restaurant but can’t decide whether to go for the salad or the sandwich. Thanks to 411Fit’s extensive database and our innovative “What If” feature, you can see the impact of either food selection on your nutrition grade – right there as you are standing inline waiting to order.
  8. Weight loss success tools. 54, 526 pounds have been lost on the 411Fit system!
  9. Access to experts…ANYTIME! Besides what you learn from just using 411Fit on a regular basis, we also provide access to experts in the areas of nutrition, exercise and general health. Read blogs written by our experts on topics that are pertinent to the sorts of challenges that you face daily, or contact them directly with specific questions via our “Ask An Expert” forum.
  10. A supportive community. Using 411Fit’s extensive social networking features, you can create your own support group of family and friends to encourage you along the way. With our vast array of community features – groups, blogs, forums, challenges, recipe exchanges and polls – you will never run out of new things to keep you engaged and invigorated. Compared to lone individuals, members who have social ties – whether in-site friend relationships or group membership – enjoy a 600% increase in weight loss and an extended commitment to return to the site!

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Dublin, OH Selects 411Fit To Power Community Program

The City of Dublin, Ohio faced a considerable challenge. They needed to be able to manage, and monitor the progress of, a diverse community wellness program – “Healthy Dublin” – while engaging a wide variety of different community organizations, corporations and individuals.

Healthy Dublin LogoThe goal of the “Healthy Dublin” program is to provide those who live and work in Dublin with the tools, resources and support necessary to improve their overall health and well-being. The innovative program provides participants with free health screenings, wellness seminars, local events and community resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

After an extensive search for a solution that provided the capacity, flexibility and ease of use that they needed, the City of Dublin selected 411Fit to power their wellness program.

“What makes Healthy Dublin unique from other fitness programs is our interactive website developed through the 411Fit software, which allows participants to enter their health information and determine an activity program tailored to their needs and interests,” said Matt Earman, Director of Recreation Services.

Through the website participants can set health and nutrition goals, track their progress, network with other community members and take part in a variety of community activities, events and challenges.

“Our goal is to not only help individuals succeed in achieving their health goals, but to make the entire Dublin community healthier each year,” said Earman. “Through the Healthy Dublin initiative, we hope to foster a culture of wellness, making our community’s health and well-being a key component for a vibrant Dublin.”

411Fit is an ideal partner for the City of Dublin. “411Fit was developed carefully over 7 years at the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) to leverage a web based “platform” in bringing together individual fitness, wellness program management, wellness coaching management, social networking and analytics, all on a robust reliable software platform” said Terry Montgomery, President/CEO. “The breadth, flexibility and customizability of the 411Fit platform are a perfect fit for a program as inclusive as Healthy Dublin. 411Fit’s ability to manage multiple programs across multiple locations while providing real time visibility of results is a key feature of the software” Montgomery added.

411Fit, LLC is a “spinout” from the University of North Carolina Charlotte that provides “next generation” web based capabilities for health professionals responsible for managing the wellness of individuals, corporations and communities. The 411Fit team is based in Charlotte, NC and Madison, WI and serves clients nationally.

If you are in need of assistance with your community or corporate wellness program, please contact us to learn more about how 411Fit can help.

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What Is Corporate Wellness?

By Briana Boehmer

Every industry goes through its fair share of buzz words. Currently in the realm of health and wellness the word “corporate” has been strongly attached yet loosely understood. What does corporate wellness really mean?

Often times corporate wellness programs take the form of some basics – HRA’s, benefits, and health club memberships. If they go a bit further fitness programs may be incorporated. I have heard people say that corporate wellness and corporate fitness are separate issues and separate initiatives all together. However I feel one cannot exist without the other. I feel true corporate wellness takes into account such a large multitude of factors that one can never pinpoint one as the “key”. In fact, if we look at the definition of wellness it points toward something that is all encompassing. I feel this is a very important point because it is very evident that no one program will work for everyone. We are all unique individuals with unique needs. If a program cannot account for individuality I feel it is lacking a very important component to behavior change – which is in the end a huge reason for the program in the first place!

I gravitated toward 411Fit over a year ago because it addressed what to me is such a critical piece to a well-run wellness initiative – individuality. 411Fit is truly smart technology in that it tracks and measures data not just at the group level but at the individual level. It is so personalized you can create a truly unique user experience. It is refreshing to have a site that is using MY data to help ME make decisions for MY health! I currently use it with companies in the Southeastern Wisconsin area to create programs that work both at the group and individual level and find that I am able to impact individuals more than I ever have.

I titled this blog “What Is Corporate Wellness” not to answer the question 100% but rather to start the debate on what makes up this new buzz word. By no means can 411Fit do everything that corporate wellness programs should have. Personal work relationships, on-site resources and employee benefits are just a few of the critical pieces an employer should think about when addressing employee wellness. However, when looking at some of the key components of a successful program, 411Fit is by far an industry leader in providing a true customizable solution for program management, tracking, reporting, and social networking.

Willis North America’s human capital practice recently released a health and productivity survey showing that senior leadership commitment to improving employee health significantly increased to 42% in 2010, compared with 6% in 2009. There is no doubt people are thinking about wellness and how it relates to the workplace. If you are not thinking about it, you should be! AND if you have not taken a tour of 411Fit’s vast resources you are missing out!

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Salus Wisconsin Corporate Championship a Huge Success!

411Fit was a proud sponsor of Wisconsin’s FIRST EVER corporate run/walk wellness event and competition. More than 640 runners and walkers representing 50 Wisconsin businesses participated in the race. As the race director I was beyond pleased with the turnout and forever grateful for the support 411Fit offered to our inaugural event.

GE Healthcare workers swept the men’s, women’s and coed divisions of the event that started and ended at the Harley-Davidson Museum in downtown Milwaukee. David Wheeler, running for his GE corporate team, won the 5K race in 16 minutes, 15 seconds. His teammate and co-worker, Joe Herington, was just 11 seconds behind. Allison Arndt representing Bucyrus International won the women’s division in 18:48.

GE also had the largest team, with 81 runners at the start line. I send a huge congrats to Igor Stevic from GE for assembling an outstanding group of runners. Harley-Davidson came in second with 62 runners and walkers on race day.

We had a special award for the companies who could engage the highest percentage of their workforce. Honors for the highest percentage of workforce participation went to Synergy Strategic Fitness in the small company category, Willis of Wisconsin in medium and Strattec in large. Each company, along with GE, will receive 5 months of 411Fit’s program management functionality to assist in running an in house wellness program. Congrats!

We saw some great competition and camaraderie that made the event truly special. It was fun to see companies with their team logos on their shirt and on banners along the finish line. It created a real sense of community and I feel this event will be a great piece companies can add to their wellness initiatives.

411Fit was proud to help facilitate such an awesome opportunity for companies to grow their wellness muscles!

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411Fit is Proud to Sponsor the Inaugural Salus Wisconsin Corporate Championship Run/Walk

411Fit feels a strong sense of commitment to promoting and enhancing wellness within the corporate community. That commitment is why 411Fit is proud to be a GOLD sponsor of Wisconsin’s first ever Corporate Championship run/walk event.

The Wisconsin Corporate Championship is the project of Salus Inc., a local corporate wellness provider that uses 411Fit to better serve their clients. The event is designed to promote employee health and wellness by creating an event that provides competition and camaraderie along with wellness education and resources. What better a way to join efforts than promoting an event that brings wellness full circle!

Salus Wisconsin Corporate Championship – a unique spin on a corporate race

The event is a team competition in the most pure sense. Individuals must sign up under their company and compete as team. Awards are naturally presented to the fastest finishers for team categories – Female, Male, and Mixed; the fastest overall male and female; and the fastest “C” level employee. However in the spirit of the event, the largest award goes to the company with the highest percentage of its employee population participating. This concept places higher value on participation in a wellness initiative than the fastest team.

As companies across the country are concerned about health care costs, there will be a Wellness Expo after the event with various vendors providing opportunities for companies to hear about wellness programs or initiatives that can help them. 411Fit will be on hand educating companies on how their employees can better communicate about their wellness and develop lasting behavior change.

This event will not only highlight Wisconsin businesses that truly value and support the health and well-being of their employees, but it will set a benchmark for such events across the country. 411Fit is proud to be a part of this inaugural event and looks forward to supporting for years to come.

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