Stretch…More Than Just Your Body

Written By: Katie Mattson

S-t-r-e-t-c-h-i-n-g  doesn’t have to just involve physical motion. Move outside of your box, shift your comfort zone, try something new. It’s hard work. It’s uncomfortable. It’s scary. But it’s also crucial to your wellbeing and success.

Allowing this stretch gives you the greatest chance to grow. Not only does it boost your confidence each time you successfully step into a new experience or a new idea, it broadens your perception of the world. Your well of experience is suddenly deepened and you become more connected to your courage. Feeling the confidence boost after the work is done can be a lasting experience.

Living fearlessly is a troublesome topic. Some have no desire, some don’t know how, some want it so bad but are just plain…scared! Scary can mean going to lunch by yourself, starting up a new workout routine, trying a new sport, quitting your job or skydiving. Big or small, doing something outside of your ordinary routine can be intimidating.

When you think about it, what isn’t scary about the unknown? How much of our time do we spend trying to see every possible angle, preparing ourselves for an outcome we can’t predict? What a waste of energy! Let it go. Let life happen and learn to indulge.Allow yourself to be challenged. Explore new ideas. Open your mind and test your limits. Be safe, be cautious even, but push yourself. As we grow, as we age, as we stretch, we continue to peek out from behind our walls to see what is beyond our boundaries.

Each new experience you add to your life allows your vision to stretch a little farther. It is your decision whether you move out into the world with confidence or continue waiting for the perfect view. With each step into the unknown, the scenery becomes yours for the choosing. You may find you have more control over a huge field of choices than a small box of the ‘sure thing.’ As a coach, I want my clients to soar, to take fearless steps more easily and to create a huge space between themselves and their limitations. Creating that momentum is the key to doing so.

I’d like to challenge you to try this. Each day for the rest of the year, make a phone call you’ve been avoiding, spend some time alone or try something new. Aside from confidence, your sense of fearlessness grows. In no time, you’ll be challenging yourself with new goals. Sitting still (or on the couch) will no longer be a habit because new interests will pop up. New passions will surface. And you will pursue those passions.


Momentum Coaching‘s mission is for each of us to energize the moment we’re in. As owner and professional coach, Katie Mattson energizes her clients to stretch their boundaries, deepen their awareness and indulge in life.

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