Dublin, OH Selects 411Fit To Power Community Program

The City of Dublin, Ohio faced a considerable challenge. They needed to be able to manage, and monitor the progress of, a diverse community wellness program – “Healthy Dublin” – while engaging a wide variety of different community organizations, corporations and individuals.

Healthy Dublin LogoThe goal of the “Healthy Dublin” program is to provide those who live and work in Dublin with the tools, resources and support necessary to improve their overall health and well-being. The innovative program provides participants with free health screenings, wellness seminars, local events and community resources to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

After an extensive search for a solution that provided the capacity, flexibility and ease of use that they needed, the City of Dublin selected 411Fit to power their wellness program.

“What makes Healthy Dublin unique from other fitness programs is our interactive website developed through the 411Fit software, which allows participants to enter their health information and determine an activity program tailored to their needs and interests,” said Matt Earman, Director of Recreation Services.

Through the website participants can set health and nutrition goals, track their progress, network with other community members and take part in a variety of community activities, events and challenges.

“Our goal is to not only help individuals succeed in achieving their health goals, but to make the entire Dublin community healthier each year,” said Earman. “Through the Healthy Dublin initiative, we hope to foster a culture of wellness, making our community’s health and well-being a key component for a vibrant Dublin.”

411Fit is an ideal partner for the City of Dublin. “411Fit was developed carefully over 7 years at the University of North Carolina Charlotte (UNCC) to leverage a web based “platform” in bringing together individual fitness, wellness program management, wellness coaching management, social networking and analytics, all on a robust reliable software platform” said Terry Montgomery, President/CEO. “The breadth, flexibility and customizability of the 411Fit platform are a perfect fit for a program as inclusive as Healthy Dublin. 411Fit’s ability to manage multiple programs across multiple locations while providing real time visibility of results is a key feature of the software” Montgomery added.

411Fit, LLC is a “spinout” from the University of North Carolina Charlotte that provides “next generation” web based capabilities for health professionals responsible for managing the wellness of individuals, corporations and communities. The 411Fit team is based in Charlotte, NC and Madison, WI and serves clients nationally.

If you are in need of assistance with your community or corporate wellness program, please contact us to learn more about how 411Fit can help.

Ready to Get Fit? Sign up today! www.411fit.com

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