What Is Corporate Wellness?

By Briana Boehmer

Every industry goes through its fair share of buzz words. Currently in the realm of health and wellness the word “corporate” has been strongly attached yet loosely understood. What does corporate wellness really mean?

Often times corporate wellness programs take the form of some basics – HRA’s, benefits, and health club memberships. If they go a bit further fitness programs may be incorporated. I have heard people say that corporate wellness and corporate fitness are separate issues and separate initiatives all together. However I feel one cannot exist without the other. I feel true corporate wellness takes into account such a large multitude of factors that one can never pinpoint one as the “key”. In fact, if we look at the definition of wellness it points toward something that is all encompassing. I feel this is a very important point because it is very evident that no one program will work for everyone. We are all unique individuals with unique needs. If a program cannot account for individuality I feel it is lacking a very important component to behavior change – which is in the end a huge reason for the program in the first place!

I gravitated toward 411Fit over a year ago because it addressed what to me is such a critical piece to a well-run wellness initiative – individuality. 411Fit is truly smart technology in that it tracks and measures data not just at the group level but at the individual level. It is so personalized you can create a truly unique user experience. It is refreshing to have a site that is using MY data to help ME make decisions for MY health! I currently use it with companies in the Southeastern Wisconsin area to create programs that work both at the group and individual level and find that I am able to impact individuals more than I ever have.

I titled this blog “What Is Corporate Wellness” not to answer the question 100% but rather to start the debate on what makes up this new buzz word. By no means can 411Fit do everything that corporate wellness programs should have. Personal work relationships, on-site resources and employee benefits are just a few of the critical pieces an employer should think about when addressing employee wellness. However, when looking at some of the key components of a successful program, 411Fit is by far an industry leader in providing a true customizable solution for program management, tracking, reporting, and social networking.

Willis North America’s human capital practice recently released a health and productivity survey showing that senior leadership commitment to improving employee health significantly increased to 42% in 2010, compared with 6% in 2009. There is no doubt people are thinking about wellness and how it relates to the workplace. If you are not thinking about it, you should be! AND if you have not taken a tour of 411Fit’s vast resources you are missing out!

Ready to Get Fit? Sign up today! www.411fit.com

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